A welcome message from the Mayor

Andoni Busquet Elorrieta, Alcalde de Basauri

Dear Neighbour,

As Mayor of the municipality of Basauri, I am delighted to welcome you to our town and present you with this guide that contains various information of interest.

As well as the resources mentioned in this guide, the municipality of Basauri, has much more to offer you. Take a stroll around our streets, chat to our neighbours, participate in activities, enjoy our festivals, and I am sure you will get to know many different features of our town.

The people of Basauri have always made their town a place of welcome. For a long time now, the Town Council, citizen groups and the neighbours in general have been working to build an innovative, sustainable, educational, participative and supportive town. We invite you to join our collective project where regardless of our origins, the neighbourhood in which we live or our social status, we are proud to be an active part of our town of Basauri.

Kind regards,

Andoni Busquet Elorrieta
Mayor of Basauri

Ayuntamiento de Basauri c/ Kareaga Goikoa 52. C.P.:48970 Basauri.
Tlfn.: 94 466 63 00 | Mensajes 24 horas: 900 840 841 | E-mail: oiac@basauri.net