The City Council, the Citizen Information and Attention Office ((OIAC)) and the City Council online

The Town Council is the organ of public administration closest to the citizen. It is managed by the municipal government and its highest authority is the Mayor or Mayoress.

Basauri Town Council has a reception area which provides continuous access to information, receipt of petitions and management of paperwork, which is known as the Citizen Information and Attention Office (OIAC),located on two different sites: one in the Basauri district, and the other in San Miguel.

For those who need it, there is a simultaneous translation service covering a wide number of languages.

Also, in the OIAC any application forms or correspondence for the Basque Government and its dependant entities can be handed in.

As well as this, Basauri Town Council handles various administrative forms, applications and other paperwork through its web page( in the section «Direct Access "Canal Directo"». Some of these forms require previous digital identification. This page also contains useful information about the municipality: municipal services, citizen campaigns, news, and a diary of activities.

Zuzenean is a Basque Government Service located in Bilbao specialising in information and the initial steps required when dealing with any public administration service, guaranteeing a reply to any application made. Documents for the Basque Government can be handed in at the OIAC in Basauri. However, for receiving information on applications or other paperwork from the Basque GovernmentZuzenean should be contacted.

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