Basque Language

Basque is the oldest living language in Europe. It is the Basque Country’s own language and alongside Spanish is the official language of the Basque Country and part of Navarre.

Nowadays, 23.17% of the population of Basauri is a native speaker "euskaldun", and 27.33% is learning the language, they are considered almost native speaker level. Children and young people have the best knowledge of the Basque language as the resurgence of the language is taking place through the educational system.

Where to learn Basque:

Many people learn Basque in school and others do so in Basque language centres, "EUSKALTEGIs": these are centres specialised in the teaching of the Basque language. In Basauri there are two "Euskaltegis" for people over the age of 16.

There are also associations who give Basque classes to children under the age of 16.

Además existe una State Language School in Basauri.

Basauri’s Town Council, Basque Language Section provides enrolment grants for Basauri citizens who go to Basque classes. This grant is subject to compliance with requirements on assistance and participation.

Children learn Basque in school. The learning of Basque in the educational system is based on three linguistic options: A, B and D.

The majority of children studying in Basauri are enrolled in the linguistic options B and D.

The Basque Language Section carries out various campaigns and programmes that aim to normalise the use of Basque in different social situations as well as that of schools so that Basque is used in everyday communication.

EMAN GILTZA: Programme for promoting the use of Basque within the family. During the summer and autumn talks on the passing on of the language as well as play workshops, storytelling, etc. are usually organised.

EUSKARAZKO PRODUKTUEN KATALOGOA: Catalogue of products in Basque: books, music, videos, games…

BERBALAGUN and GURASOLAGUN: programme that brings together native Basque speakers "euskaldunes", who usually speak in Basque with those who are learning the language and would like to practice speaking.

BEHARSAREA: Internet site for managing the offer and demand for work in Basque.

The Cultural Centre as well as Basauri Sports, and other sections of the Town Council organise activities aimed at children and adults; workshops, talks, storytelling,… The majority of those organised for children take place in Basque: play centres, reading workshops, programme of activities "Olgetan ondo pasau", swimming courses, on site multi-adventure, summer camps, multi-adventure camps, etc.

Further information available at theCultural Centre, Basauri Sports, Basque Language Section y

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