Citizens’ Associations

In the municipality of Basauri, many residents get together in groups or associations to represent their particular interests or to share common activities in different cultural, sporting, festival, social, intercultural etc., areas: These associations welcome new members. Participating is not only positive because it enriches Basauri society but because it also helps you to establish personal relationships with neighbours who share your interests or hobbies.

There are many different types of associations:

  • Residents’ Associations
  • Cultural Associations
  • Sports Associations
  • Social Associations
  • Women’s Associations
  • Associations and intercultural groups
  • Festival Organising Committee

If you would like to participate in an association, information is available at the Citizens Information and Attention Office (OIAC) where there is a register of associations, or, you can also visit the webpage:

If you would like further information about associations and activities of an intercultural nature in Basauri, you can ask at theImmigration section of the Town Council.


Asociación Colombia-Euskadi
Florian Tolosa 4, lonja, 48970 Basauri

Asociación Mujeres en la diversidad
Lehendakari Agirre 4, 48970 Basauri

Asociación Solidaridad Euskalmón
Calle Florian Tolosa 4, lonja, 48970 Basauri

Caritas Interparroquial
Calle Nagusia 1, 48970 Basauri

Centro Intercultural Echando Raíces
Calle Lehendakari Aguirre, 4, 48970 Basauri


Cruz Roja Basauri
Edifício Municipal de Seguridad y Emergencias. Calle Azbarren, 2 (poligono Azbarren) , 48970 Basauri
944263730 - 944261787


There is also in the Basque Country a NGO coordinating body for immigrant support called Harresiak Apurtuz. There you will find information about all the existing associations.

New associations

If the current associations and groups in Basauri don’t fulfill your expectations or interests, you can set up a new association with other residents. A minimum of three members is needed and a document drawn up describing the new association should be registered on the Basque Government Register of Associations. It is also advisable to register the new association on the Municipal Register of Associations.

If you need advice about the setting up of a new association, the availability of grants or training you can get in contact with the Bizkaia Agency for Volunteering and Associations - Bolunta, where help is provided for free.

Ronda s/n (frente al número 5), 48005 Bilbao

Centro Social Ignacio Ellacuría
Calle Padre Lojendio 2, 1º derecha, 48008 Bilbao

Biltzen - Servicio Vasco de Integración y Convivencia Intercultural
Kastrexana Enpresaldea. Carretera Basurto-Kastrexana 70, 48002 Bilbao

Ayuntamiento de Basauri c/ Kareaga Goikoa 52. C.P.:48970 Basauri.
Tlfn.: 94 466 63 00 | Mensajes 24 horas: 900 840 841 | E-mail: