Equality of men and women

As citizens of Basauri we have access to different resources for the defence of the rights of women, to be used in carrying out actions that diminish differences and achieve effective equality between women and men.

In the first instance, there is a consolidated associative women’s movement that supports the demand for their rights and defends their interests.

Secondly, Basauri Town Council is involved in the transformation of gender relations in the municipality through acts and public policies that derive from work carried out by the Department of Equality. The main services run by the Department of Equality in Basauri Town Council are the following:

  • The Women’s Information Centre: This is a team of professionals that offers free information services, legal advice and assistance and psychological assistance to the women of Basauri, in the following areas: assault and violence, separation and divorce, civil partnerships, rights of domestic workers, job discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • The School for Empowerment: This is a space for women who want to further their social and political participation in different ways: educational courses on feminist thought, critical analysis of feminine cultures and identities and to galvanise Basauri’s associative women’s movement and promote solidarity with women of different cultures and origins.
  • The Time Bank, "Equitruke": is an initiative that aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge between people of different ages, sex, origin etc. It addresses the need to promote solidarity, conciliation and co-responsibility among neighbours. It is necessary to become a member of the Time Bank to be able to participate in the exchanges where money does not matter. The currency of exchange is time hour by hour, regardless of the type of work that is exchanged. In this way, work such as care and the reproductive role that is carried out free of charge, usually by women, is given value.
  • The Sexual Information Office:This office provides a specialised service covering prevention, attention and consultation on all issues related to sex education and the human as a sexual being.
  • The Equality Council: This is the organ of citizen participation that advises the Department of Equality in Basauri Town Council. All of Basauri’s women’s association and groups are represented here. It holds regular meetings. It monitors the Department of Equality’s policies and activities and enables interaction and coordination among the various women’s groups and associations.
  • Elkargune:a meeting space in Marienea, the Women’s House, for women’s organisations from the municipality.
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