Social Welfare

Basauri Town Council Social Services considers it of prime importance to facilitate information on the Social Services available to all the citizens of Basauri who for different reasons find themselves in a situation of need and require help to improve their Independence, integration and/or welfare.

Local Social Services assess, inform and guide all those registered people who request help. They try to find an answer to peoples’ social welfare needs.

Administrators, educators, psychologists and social workers advise and carry out an assessment of the situations that arise and then establish an intervention plan to deal with the detected needs.

Basauri Town Hall Social Services try to give a caring, respectful and confidential service to all the citizens who need their services. For this reason, an appointment is booked so that each person can have a private meeting. Social Services understood that the issues that arise are of a sensitive nature and affect private and family life.

Some of the services to deal with the issues that arise are:

  • Home help for elderly people having difficulty coping with the tasks of daily life.
  • Handling of application forms concerning dependency.
  • 24 hours a day tele-attention service by a computer operated device to respond to emergency situations among the elderly.
  • Socio-school advice.
  • Socio-educational advice.
  • Guidance and psychological attention for children and their families.
  • Management of Emergency Social Welfare.
  • Management of municipal aid outside the stipulated period
  • Management of special inclusion grants.
  • Assistance for women victims of violence.
  • Mortgage mediation service advising on eviction.

For those who need it a simultaneous translation service with a wide number of languages is provided

The information described here is basic. If you require further information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Social Services.

Municipal Social Services

San Miguel Municipal Social Services

Resources and programmes

  • Individualised help from a professional.
  • Intervention plans and/or agreements finalised with the interested party.
  • Welfare benefits.
  • School support.
  • Psychological Support.
  • Home Help Service.
  • Telephone helpline.
  • Day centres for the over 60s who need help to carry out day-to-day activities.
  • Finding a place in retirement homes.
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