Access to employment

Persons who are of foreign extraction from a non-EU country can work in Spain for third parties (when they are hired by an employer) or freelance under certain conditions. In all cases they will need a Residence and Work Permit . The permit is obtained in the country of origin, unless the person has a Residence Permit. If the person’s situation in Spain is irregular, he or she cannot commence proceedings to apply for the Residence and Work Permit.

The minimum working age is 18, although young people can work when they become 16 with the permission of their parents or guardians.

Foreign workers hired without a Residence and Work Permit are not in a legal situation, but they have employment rights. Any circumstance considered anomalous such as excessive working hours, wage discrimination, claims for sums of money, hazards in the work place or unfair dismissal can be notified to trade union representatives (CNT, USO, ELA, LAB, UGT, ESK) or to the local authorities (Employment Inspection).

An unemployment certificate can be acquired at Lanbide and is useful for the employer for receiving financial incentives in the employment contract.

For specific aspects of professional training, in addition to the bodies already mentioned, foreigners can also use public bodies such as Hobetuz or professional training centres.

Job hunting


This is a municipal public company under the auspices of the city councils of Basauri and Etxebarri, set up to promote the integrated development of both municipalities, combining actions aimed at improving people’s employability with initiatives for promoting business activity in the municipalities.

It works in three key areas:

  • Employment: support service for job search and the improvement of professional qualifications (personalised plans for joining the workforce, group actions, training plans, employment centre).
  • Creating companies: service for supporting the setting up of business ideas and self-employment (information, advice on the business plan, training, accompanying the start-up).
  • Services for companies: services aimed at improving companies’ competitiveness.



The Lanbide Offices provide free of charge, several services such as:

  • Inscription and registry like use plaintiffs.
  • Supplies of adapted jobs to the professional characteristics.
  • Customized programs search of use.
  • Programs of occupational professional formation.
  • Information, transaction and recognition of benefits and subsidies.
  • Information on the different modalities from hiring, requirements, subventions, terms and registry.
  • Information on the work market.
  • Services to the companies of technical selection of employees.

To use this service one has to have a residence and work permit or only a Residence Permit.


Lanbide Basauri-Uribarri

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